State budgetary institution of healthcare «Children’s city hospital №148 of the health Department of the city of Moscow» (GBUZ «DGP No. 148 DZM») is a multidisciplinary clinical and diagnostic equipment, provide specialized and primary health care children

The structure of the clinic includes:

•             Pediatric department

•             Ophthalmology department

* Otorhinolaryngology Department

• Department of radiation diagnostics (fluorography, x-ray, computed tomography)

* Department of pediatric surgery

•             Department of neurology

* Department of ultrasound diagnostics

* Department of functional diagnostics

•             Physiotherapy department

* Office of obstetrician-gynecologist

* Office of allergist-immunologist

* Pediatric cardiologist’s office

* Pediatric oncologist’s office

* Doctor’s office-pediatric urologist-andrologist

* Pediatric endocrinologist’s office

* Pediatric gastroenterologist’s office

• The office of a nephrologist

* Office of children’s vision protection

* Endoscopic office

* Clinical diagnostic laboratory

* Vaccination office

•             Treatment room

* Traumatology and orthopaedic office

•             Day hospital

•             Health center

•             Pool

GBUZ «DGP No. 148 DZM» provides medical care to patients who have MHI and VHI policies, or on a commercial basis.


Medical assistance to foreign citizens temporarily staying or permanently residing in Russia, is in GBUZ «DGP No. 148 DZM» in accordance with the Decree of the RF Government dated 06.03.2016 №186 «On approval of rules of rendering of medical aid to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation».

Emergency medical care is provided free of charge in all units of the clinic until the elimination of the threat to the patient’s life and stabilization of his health.


If the patient has a compulsory health insurance policy (MHI)

Planned outpatient medical care for foreign citizens insured under the MHI system is provided free of charge after being attached to a polyclinic.

If the patient does not have a compulsory health insurance policy (MHI)

Emergency medical care in case of sudden acute conditions and exacerbation of chronic diseases is provided to foreign citizens free of charge until the threat to the patient’s life is eliminated and his health status is stabilized.

Planned medical care for foreign citizens who are not insured under the MHI system is provided in accordance with voluntary medical insurance contracts (VHI) or on a paid basis under contracts for the provision of paid medical services.


GBUZ «DGP No. 148 DZM» planned medical care to foreign citizens who have a policy of voluntary medical insurance (VMI) of our partner LLC «MSC «medstrakh».

Prices for medical services provided by our clinic, You can see on the website of the clinic in the section «Paid services«.

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